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Project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through, ROP 2014-2020, priority axis 2: Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, investment priority, 2.1 - Promoting entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas and encouraging the creation of new businesses, including through business incubators, 2.1.B - Business incubators, project code SMIS 123278


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Currently, women's involvement in a construction company is administrative, from secretarial to accounting. But trends in recent years show a migration of women from architecture and interior design to interior design and even project management in complex works. 

The industry shows that we need more women in construction to reflect the society we live in, and is more open to women than ever before yet only a tenth of the industry's employees are women.

Women can certainly work in construction and meet the challenges in any of its segments. Their success from women specializing in different trades, to women managers, to women business owners, is greatly enhanced by the continuing education resources offered by #IncubCenter and support.

Women in Construction National Program

The basic concept of the "Women in Construction" program is to support women in active participation in the construction industry through training, mentoring programs, educational scholarships.


Educational scholarships

Professional training courses

Entrepreneurship and management education


2. Increasing the number of women in the construction industry

1. National Network of Women Mentors in Construction

We are looking for Mentees

We are looking for Mentors


Women who want to get into construction

Women working in the construction industry with at least 5 years experience in Management

I want to be Mentored

I want to be a Mentor

• Vocational retraining in construction

• Life long learning

National and regional women in construction events