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Sectoral business incubator in the field of construction

We build the future together 

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Gogolák Hrubecz Zsolt and Gogolák Hrubecz Margit, are owners of a family business, the MULTINVEST Group and creators of INCUBCENTER. "The realization of the incubator house was a long-standing dream, we always wanted to help others in an institutionalized way. Our Incubator House is for all young entrepreneurs who want to grow, we are looking for a place for everyone, but most of all we are focused on digitising, computerising and robotising the construction sector, moving beyond the concrete mixer and shovel. The vibe of the building is delightful: colourful, modern, cosy, youthful open -space offices await candidates and all the state-of-the-art technology a contractor could need today. In addition to this, there is underground parking with car lifts, a restaurant, plenty of indoor-outdoor community space and state-of-the-art conference rooms, all on 6 floors and over 5,000 square metres. If a young entrepreneur does not want to strengthen the statistics of failed start-ups, he or she will find a place in a rock optimised for growth, where all the tools are there for success."




The environment we have created is designed for all kinds of meetings and it's where a team can be inspired, work collaboratively and brainstorm.

We designed modern offices spaces in different styles to meet the needs of all kinds of team dynamics.  

We provide many types of complementary services in the form of consultations. We cover core business elements such as marketing, human resources, finance, management, networking/community and mentorship.

Environment of success

Professional spaces

Complementary services

We are a team of experienced professionals who help businesses grow by providing them with all the necessary consultations to get ahead in competitive markets.

The entrepreneurial spirit has always been at the core of who we are and how we work. For some, it is as natural as breathing. For others, it takes years of hard work, education and personal growth to develop. We welcome all entrepreneurs.

Harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit



The IncubCenter is not just an office building, it is a community. At the Incubcenter, young entrepreneurs not only receive support, but also gain inspiration from mentors and each other. Join our community today and start building your success story.

INCUBCENTER, the first sectoral business incubator in the construction sector in Romania, is a complex and ambitious project, located in Multinvest Business Hub (MBH), the new business center of Tîrgu Mureș. The main objective of the project is to provide start-ups and construction professionals with conditions and support services to launch, develop and further support new businesses entering the market through incubation.



If you want to read more about our incubation services and how to apply, you can do it below.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


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Invest in your future! Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.


For detailed information on other programmes co-financed by the European Union, please visit www.fonduri-ue.ro


Project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through, ROP 2014-2020, priority axis 2: Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, investment priority, 2.1 - Promoting entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas and encouraging the creation of new businesses, including through business incubators, 2.1.B - Business incubators, project code SMIS 123278


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   Strada Fabricii de Zahăr, No. 18 B,

       Târgu Mureș, Romania



Post-incubation services

Incubation services

Pre-incubation services


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Along with the logistical support needed to get the business off the ground, the Incubator provides an environment conducive to business development by facilitating networking activities, transfer of know-how and support in developing partnerships. Incubated companies have the opportunity to participate in trainings, seminars and conferences, to receive assistance in developing business strategies, in writing projects needed to attract funding or in other relevant areas. All this is designed to support the development of the firms so that they can reach a level of stability and autonomy that allows them to leave the Incubator and operate on their own, with increased chances of coping with the competitive environment and surviving in the long term.

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